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The Latest Noah Baumbach Movie
Noah Baumbach is a critically acclaimed director who is known for his two influential movies Greenberg and The Squid And The Whale. His latest film is called Frances Ha. The new movie is a black and white feature film that depicts a struggling mid-twenties girl in New York City. The film takes place in Brooklyn, upstate New York and Paris. However, the central theme of the movie revolves around the daily events of a New Read the rest of this entry »

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What New York Is Like, As Told By Films

Seeing New York Through The Eyes of A Filmmaker
There is a new film out by Noah Baumbach called Frances Ha. Part of this story takes place in and around Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. It paints a rather realistic depiction of the famous city. Another film that portrays the Big Apple with a sense of realism is Woody Allen’s film Manhattan. However, there have been more romantic and idealized Read the rest of this entry »

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From the biggest blockbusters to the smallest independent films, New York has always been a popular location with film studios and production efforts. Educating yourself about the latest movies to be filmed in or around the Big Apple can be very helpful by allowing you to learn more about the local production efforts or provide you with the chance to see your favorite landmarks on the big screen. With so many different films that are made in the area, staying current and keeping track of them all can be quite the challenge, especially for those who lack the Read the rest of this entry »

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New York City is a great location to find movie premiers. There are many that are held in this area. People who are interested in attending a movie premier must first plan for it. These individuals should begin by choosing some upcoming films that they are interested in seeing. Then, they should look up information about a movie premier events each day until they find one for a film that they like. In addition, they should decide Read the rest of this entry »

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New York City may not have as many big Hollywood movie premiers as Los Angeles, but it has plenty; and there are several upcoming to be excited about. One such premier is for the movie “Deadline” by director Curt Hahn. The premier will take place on Wednesday April 11 at 6:00 at Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 on West 42nd street. The movies may take place in a small southern town, but on the night of its premier will have a big city Read the rest of this entry »

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There may be no city in the world more associated with indie movies than New York City. A tourist or resident of the city could spend hours wandering around the city looking for a cast and crew busy at work filming an indie movie. The key is to skip the running around and just know the places where you can see indie movies in New York City. Perhaps the best place to go is the Film Society of Lincoln Center, located on west 65 Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyone takes notice of the mainstream movies, but few people venture out into the movies that are independent. There is definitely more to the movie world than all the mainstream flicks that are out there.

There are some really great independent films that are just waiting for people. Edward Burns, for example, has arrived with another great film that deals with relationships. “Newlyweds” is a great film that is really take a true look at the life of a newly married couple. It is typical Edward Burns fashion so anyone that likes his Read the rest of this entry »

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One of the most popular cities in the world to shoot a movie on location is New York City. Even if only parts of the movie are filmed here, the sights and locations are so unique you recognize them instantly. These are just a few of the most well known movies with New York City used as a backdrop. ‰ÛÏKing Kong‰Û – One of the first movies using New York City as a backdrop. You will see King Kong scale The Empire State Building while holding Fay Wray captive. The exterior and close-up shots were filmed on location. ‰ÛÏUncertainty‰Û – This lesser known Indie film is based on a life changing decision made on The Brooklyn Bridge. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his girl friend toss a coin right in the middle of the bridge. ‰ÛÏSleepless in Seattle‰Û- In this romantic comedy you will recognize the pivotal ending scene shot at The Empire State Building. ‰ÛÏNight at The Museum‰Û – In this family comedy you will spot the American Museum of Natural History and Central Park. ‰ÛÏGhostbusters‰Û – This 80s favorite incorporates many New York locations. Some are Tavern on the Green,, Columbia University, the New York Public Library and The Metropolitan Opera House.